Where To Buy The Cheapest DSLR In Singapore?

Hi Folks,

I get this question quite a fair amount of time – Where To Buy The Cheapest DSLR In Singapore?

Where To Buy The Cheapest DSLR In Singapore Image

Will it be at Harvey Norman? Best Denki? Courts? Audio House? Mustafa?

Not exactly … I find that I usually can get better price at almost any moment, for any given product, at smaller photographic specialty shops.

And the following shops are where I usually buy my DSLR and Photographic Equipments:

Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd
111 North Bridge Rd #01-11/14 (Tel : 6337 4274)
6 Raffles blvd, Marina Square #02-219 (Tel: 63396188)

I bought my Nikon Speedlight SB900 and Nikon AF-D 20mm f2.8 prime lens here.

Update: I also bought my Nikon 24-120 f4 VRII here.

MS Color
Blk 711 Ang Mo Kio Central Ave 8, #01-3501C Singapore 560711 (Tel: 64576380)

I bought my Nikon D90 Kit here.

Update: Also my got my Sony Nex 5 Dual Lens Kit here.

Alan Photo
#05-20 Funan Digitalife Mall (Tel: 6883-0922)
#01-38 Sim Lim Square (Tel: 6336-0922)

I bought my Tamron 17-50 f2.8 lens here and a Fujitsu Digital Compact.

Orient Photo
#06-31/53 Sim Lim Square (Tel: 63391035)

I bought my Sigma 50-150 f2.8 lens here.

Lords (Closed Down Already Renamed iPhoto, I Think)
304 Orchard Road #01-79 Lucky Plaza (Tel: 62354605)

I bought my first DSLR – a Nikon D40x kit from Lords based on recommendations from my Uncle.

I bought my Nikon D700 Body and a Nikon AF-D 50mm f1.4 prime lens here.

Crumpler Wheelock
501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place #02-06

I bought my Crumpler Seven Million Dollar Home (it’s a camera bag) here.

Tips On Getting The Best Price

  1. Always check the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) against the manufacturer’s website (street price is usually around 15-20% lower than this price … subject to some other factors)
  2. Wait for a Sale Season – Great Singapore Sale, Year End Sale, IT Show, PC Show, COMEX, SITEX, etc (so you get extra freebies from the manufacturer)
  3. Call each and every shop to check the price and availability of the photographic equipment you want (lowest price doesn’t equate to stock availability)
  4. Check that the price quoted is for Cash or Credit Card Term and if the equipment is a local or grey set (note that parallel import set has no local warranty).
  5. Reserve your set with the cheapest merchant with available stock and go get it! (don’t play them out ok!)
  6. Pay cash if you can cos it’s usually the best price
  7. Oh, if you buy more, can bargain more too (a little more)

There are other shops out there … but these are where I buy.

Also, there is not a single shop that will always be the cheapest, you need to check around.

Plus I do not endorse nor am I affiliated with any of these shops nor guarantee that they will give the best price (I just happened to be their customers) … but I do know they are not too far from the rock bottom even if they are not the cheapest at that moment :)

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Hi there,

    I’ll be visiting Singapore on June 26th. And I’d love to buy a Canon 60D with probably fixed lens. Do you know roughly the price of it at the moment, and where I can get it at a relatively cheap price. I’m a student so any dollar saved is appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hey MyHoang,

      Welcome to Singapore!

      The EOS 60D Kit (EF S18-55 IS) is listed as S$1549 and the current promotion includes:

      SD 8GB card, EOS Bag & EOS 60D HandBook
      Online warranty promo: Hansa Camera Miniature (This I’m not sure if tourist is eligible)
      Purchase-with-purchase: EF50 f1.4 USM @ S$499 (usual S$699) & EF 70-300 IS USM @ S$899 (usual S$1499)

      Street price is probably about 10 – 15% off the list price when you get them from street shops (some of them listed above in the article). :)

  2. Hi James i have a friends visiting Singapore now, i am about to ask them to get me a Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM. Where and what is the best price in town?

  3. Hello James: i am in singapore right now and will be leaving tomorrow evening, and I am planning to buy a Nikon D3100 or Nikon D5100. Was googling around, and found this audio house promotion for 449 & 599 respectively.

    It’s the last day of sale, what do you think, is this the best price? and which one would you recommend, 3100 or 5100? I am a novice DLSR fan.

    Regards, Adnan

    • Hey Adnan,

      You can’t take those prices for real … if you look carefully, it says “after rebate” with an *.

      The * says “Rebate via Audio House Voucher IF you guess the correct score for EURO Cup 2012 match Portugal vs Netherlands on 18 Jun 2012″.

      To me that’s as good as a lucky draw … which I’m usually very bad in 😛

      The type of price you can realistically get on the street is roughly under S$800 for Nikon D3100 and a little above S$1000 for Nikon D5100. :)

      OH … by the way, you should check out the new Nikon D3200 if you budget is under S$900 or if you can stretch it … go for the new Canon EOS D650.

  4. Hello James,

    I want to buy a good tripod. What are the things I should concentrate. What is the good brand for it? My Price range is somewhere 100-150 S$

  5. Hi James,
    I would like to ask you about Canon 100mm macro L lens and Canon 135mm f/2 L lens. I wanted to get the 100m macro lens since I quite like taking nature shots such as flowers, but considering I also shoot quite a wider range of subjects, such as people also, would the Canon 135mm f/2 L lens be a better choice? Cause I heard the 135mm is known for its sharpness among all the L lens. Thanks so much for your help!

  6. Hi James

    I’m looking to buy a D800. While I would like the lowest price my biggest concern is not getting a reworked old unit which had some of the early manufacturing problems. Whenever I go to a Nikon store in Singapore they always tell me no stock but they can get me a unit in a few days. Since consumer law is weaker in Singapore and I am an ang moh I always feel I am going
    to get ripped off with some return unit . Any suggestions on how to get a post July 1st unit? Or do I just keep waiting until old units are cleared out?

    • Hey Michael,

      I’m afraid it’s difficult to identify if you are getting a set with the earlier defect or if the set in store is one that has the problem fixed.

      If in doubt, wait till after September where Singapore will be getting our own “Lemon Law” before making your purchase … by then, you will get extra protection :)

    • Hey Sharlene,

      Canon EOS 600D Kit I (18-55 Kit Lens) has a list price of S$1099, you might be able to get it at under S$1000 street price.

      Nikon D7000 Kit (18-105 Kit Lens) has a list price of S$2149, you should be able to get it around S$1700 street price.

    • Hey Sharlene,

      I assume u meant the D7000 (DX) instead of D700 (FX).

      Both are very capable dslr’s but in terms of capability, D7000 is more capable (it’s not an entry level dslr like the EOS 600D). Both are equally value for money at their price point.

      BUT the EOS 600D is much much more affordable … And lighter too. So my question is, what’s your budget? :)

  7. Hi James,

    First I must say that it is a really good thing that you are doing through this blog, really helpful. I am visiting Singapore end of this month and I am a photography enthusiast, planning to buy my first DSLR. However, I have been searching for good expert advice. Till date I have used my 8MP Canon and phone 5MP camera, so I am confused on whether I should be graduating to a DSLR directly, or should I buy a good point and shoot camera first.

    I am confused between Canon EOS1100D, 550D and Nikon D3100. Which one do you think is the best buy, and also what are the average prices for the same in Singapore, if you have them readily available.

    Thank you so much

    • Hey Isha,

      Thank you! :)

      Looks like you have been using cameras in smaller form factor all this while … any reason why you want to go the DSLR route?

      If you can tell me a little about your budget, what you like to do with your dslr and your preference of weight vs portability … maybe I can help you choose a camera closer to your needs :)

      • Hi James,

        See my budget is around 500-550 SGD. I want to buy an SLR to develop photography as a hobby and i feel I will be able to take much better pictures with a better camera. My preference is portability as I can’t really take time out for photography with my maddening schedule, but at the same time would want to improve my photographic abilities.

        And lastly, thanks for the quick response :-)

        • Hey Isha,

          Wow … 500-550SGD for a entry level Nikon or Canon DSLR is frankly quite difficult to find … even in a street shop.

          You might want to check out those Expo Sale by Harvey Norman, Courts, Audio House, etc where they are clearing DSLR at 500SGD … usually while stocks last and you need to be early.

          If you have a current Canon 8MP camera and your aim is to improve your photographic skills … my recommendation is to upgrade your skill instead of equipment.

          S$500 can fund 2-3 basic course which will do wonders in helping you take better pictures … take a look at courses available at Canon Imaging Academy. :)

    • Hey Ching Hun.

      Nikon D7000 Kit (18-105 Kit Lens) has a list price of S$2149, you should be able to get it around S$1700 street price.

      You should call all the above street shops and probably go to the one that has available stock and offers the lowest price :)

  8. Hi James,
    Thank for having this blog. It’s a true gem.
    I’m interested to know the street price for canon 650D kit 2 (18-135 lens). And any freebies, if any.
    Would you be able to help to check the street price and advise please?
    I will make a trip to Singapore if the right is right for me. Much thanks for your kind help.

    • Hey CS,

      Thank You! :)

      The current Canon promo for the 650D is:

      SD 8GB card, EOS BAG & Better Images with EOS
      Online warranty promo: Battery Pack LP-E8
      Purchase-with-purchase: EF S10-22 USM @$1079(usual $1349), EF S55-250IS II @$249 ( usual$499) & speedlite 320EX @$199 ( usual $389)

      The Canon 650D Kit 2 has a list price of S$1599 so I would expect the street price to be around 10-15% less … so about S$1400.

      This is my guess … I’ll be popping by a some stores later to check the actual street pricing. :)

  9. Hi James

    Your blog is amazing really informative, I’m in Singapore at the moment and went into Shop-Right, Orchard Towers, they gave me an amazing price for the canon 650d, with lense, 32gb card, tripod and bag for $880… Also the Nikon red 3200 $699, are these prices too good to be true!

    I checked at the aiport and the canon was $1200….

    Really don’t want to get mugged off, any help would be great. I intend to buy a camera, probably the canon tomorrow 11/10/12, but will be checking Cathy Photo out too…



    • Hey Bex,

      Sorry for the late reply … You did not mention is the Canon 650D you are referring to is Body only, Kit I (18-55 kit lens) or Kit II (18-135 kit lens).

      If it’s Body only … a S$880 street price is possible. If it’s Kit I, unlikely unless it’s a grey set (meaning parallel imported without local warranty) and Kit II plain impossible.

      So if you are not sure … just get it from a local reputable street shop such as Cathay Photo (like you mentioned) :)

  10. Hi!

    This is such an informative website!

    I am hoping to buy a Canon 5d Mark 2 with a Canon L series 24-105mm lens- I have been quoted 3500 SGD which seems really cheap to me- This is before tax.

    I am skeptical as this seems so cheap- What do you think?

    Thanks for any help!


    • Hey Andy,

      Thanks 😀

      A Canon 5D Mk2 Kit would cost around S$4499 (with the 24-105 f4L IS USM) … so street price would be around S$3800 – S$3900.

      The quoted price of S$3500 with tax will turn up to be S$3745 … I would say, it’s possible that this is a genuine offer :)

      Just ask to see the warranty card (local warranty will state Warranty by Canon Singapore) to confirm that it’s a local set, test and check that you are getting a working 5D Mk2 and the 24-105 f4L IS USM and you should be good to go 😀

    • Hey Irymay,

      Some of the well known street shops are listed above … you can call them up and head over to shop with the lowest offer (just ask if they have available stocks). :)

      RRP for Canon EOS 5D MkIII Body only is S$4699 … so expected street pricing should be between S$3900 – S$4000.

      RRP for Canon EOS 5D MkIII Kit is S$5999 … so expected street pricing should be between S$5000 – S$5100

      Take these pricing as a reference only … actual price may differ depending on stocks/demand and your negotiation skills 😀

  11. Hi James,

    I am planning to buy Nikon D5100. where i can get best deal for this camera.
    what about warranty for this camera. I checked in some shops they talking about local warranty.
    In Nikon, international warranty is available?


    • Hey Yadnesh,

      Some of the well known street shops are listed above … you can call them up and head over to shop with the lowest offer (just ask if they have available stocks). :)

      Nikon DSLR do not carry international warranty … so if you intend to bring it out of Singapore … you need to treat it like a set without warranty.

  12. Hi,

    Great blog. Thanks.
    I am considering to buy a 650d in december in Singapore.
    But I am not sure about the warranty. Is it Singapore only or worldwide.
    I am living in Holland, it Will Be very inconvenient to have a singapore warranty only.



    • Hey Bert73,

      Thanks :)

      Canon’s DSLR Warranty is mostly local, except if you are a tourist from China or India (where they recognised Singapore Local Warranty as their local warranty) … so if you intend to buy a Canon EOS 650D from Singapore to be used in Holland, I’m afraid it’s going to be Singapore Warranty only.

      But welcome to Singapore and I hope you enjoy your stay here! 😀

  13. Hello James,

    I am now in Singapore and intend to stay here for a while ( will fly home before christmas ), and thinking to buy a Nikon D7000 kit but I noticed alot of variety in price as you wrote above.

    So what do you advice, Should I wait a bit more for christams sales? do you know street price for it? is there any tips or trips I could fall in while buying? do you recommend a particular shop ?

    • Hey Elfouly,

      First off, welcome to Singapore! :)

      Typically street pricing is between 15% – 20% off Nikon’s Suggested Retail Price (or I just call it list price) … which at the moment is S$1888 (for Kit) and S$1649 (for body only).

      There will probably be a Year End Promotion which usually starts in November that translates to more free gifts and sometimes (just sometimes) a drop in price.

      Best time to buy a DSLR in SG is wait till the next IT Show (SITEX 2012 between 22-25 Nov at the Singapore Expo) where they will probably have the best promotion to check them out … then head to a street shop and ask if they can match in terms of gifts which maintaining their street pricing (it’s tough bargaining but that’s the best deal) …. oh and the usual street shops I frequent are listed above in the main article :)

  14. do you think at sitex event this year canon will sell their lens??
    btw because i’m bored with my kit lens do you have any recommendation for a lens that is quite cheap(>$700) and good(for most type of photography mostly landscape)?? is canon 50mm f/1.4 ok??

    • Hey Milanisti,

      Sometimes they do sell lenses but not really targeted at upgraders like yourself. It’s more for the new buyers who are getting it via a purchase-with-purchase program.

      You would get better price at street shops.

      I think you mean under S$700? And better than a kit lens? probably primes like you mentioned but 50mm is usually too long for landscapes unless you want a compressed view.

      24mm – 35mm might be better … check out the street shops I mentioned above and test the focal length (and ask for price) to get a better idea and before you decide on it :)

  15. Hey james man how r u!Dude i am bit confused ryt now that which camera to buy.I have different options with me like Cannon g10,Nikkon d90,Fujifilm finepix x10,Canon eos 50d,nikkon d5100,canon eos 600d.My pocket allows me to buy camera upto maximum 1200USD.So please suggest me in this price range which camera i can buy and which one is good?Tell me the price of the kit which includes camera body and lens.Is Singapore cheap for cameras and stuff?Or the prices of these brands are same around da world.Waiting for your reply.Please email me if you can.Cheers mate.Byez

    • Hey Hassan,

      lol … it’s hard for me to make any recommendations without knowing what your photography style is and what your preference of weight/portability/image quality may be.

      But this much I can say … Singapore is not exactly cheap for camera equipments … Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong have better pricing (not always but often enough … esp Hong Kong) depending on brands.

  16. Hi James,

    Thanks for spending so much time in answering all our queries. I would like to seek your help in choosing the right camera for me.

    My profile : Have a simple point & shoot camera to capture our daughter and our social outings

    My requirement: I need a good, simple camera to capture the momentary actions of my lovely daughter and good landscapes in SG while we are outing (especially in nights)

    Budget: SGD 700 – 900

    Kindly help to clarify the below when you have time:

    Please suggest few cameras that I should I check. Also, I heard that some brands offer free courses for new buyers. I would like to confirm with you whether it is true.

      • Hey Viv,

        If amazon is having a sale … it can be cheaper but you need to factor in delivery fee and gst.

        Plus usually, there will be no warranty locally. i.e. you need to send it back to the states to claim warranty :)

    • Hey Viv,

      You can consider the Canon Powershot G15 (now S$699) and Canon provides complimentary training:


      The Canon Powershot G15 has a good focal range (28 – 140mm) and is fast throughout the whole range (F1.8 – 2.8) … you just have to check it out personally to see if you like the size and weight (ok for me but maybe a little big for others) :)

  17. Hello James,

    Thanks for your reply. I am looking something in the DSLR side as I already have a small sony point & shoot camera. Looks like Canon-G5 is a digital camera.

    so, can you please some good DSLRs that would fit to my requirements.

    Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

    • Hey Viv,

      If it’s DSLR you are interested in … there is actually limited choices for your budget:

      – Canon EOS 1100D Kit (EF S18-55 IS II) @ S$799 (current Canon promo)
      – Sony SLT-A37 kit with SAL1855 @ S$799

      Nikon’s D3200 @ S$999 is above your budget.

  18. Thanks James. If I could stretch my budget will Nikon 5100 will be a good buy compared to above models. I heard that my friend bought it for arouns SGD 1,100 in Sim Lim.

    Please let me know your comments, any comparable models and the prize.


    • Hey Viv,

      The Nikon D5100 is currently going at S $979 @ SITEX 2012.

      You should take a look at the D3200 too. It was released recently and more updated.

      You can consider the Canon 1100D, 600D, 650D too.

  19. You are an expert! I need your help.

    I am looking to buy nikon d5100. I have checked few stores, yes they are offering at around 970$ with freebies like 2 8gb sd cards, tripod, case, UV Filter, USB Card reader etc. This is with the standard 18-55mm lens.

    But, i have seen an Ad in the newspaper on friday, the above kit along with 50-250mm lens(worth 450$) is being offered at 1099$ !! It is from the Audio House, Liang court. I have contacted them by email/phone, they confirmed its branded original. I haven’t gone to the shop yet.

    Just wanted to check with you, can I trust them? Such an offer is valid? If i go there, how do I identify that the lens they are providing is original? How to identify a fake camera. Please let me know.


    • Hi Manish,

      The Nikon D5100 is having good promotion as it’s being replaced by the newer D5200 (officially the promotion price is S$979).

      The Audio House Promotion should be with a 55-200mm telezoom lens … if it’s a 50-250mm, it’s definitely not a Nikkor lens.

      If the 55-200mm is a AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED, it’s list price is S$489. It would be a pretty good deal.

      As far as I know, there is no fake Nikon DSLR Body or Lens … just check if it’s a local set with local warranty (if you are staying in SG, if not, it doesn’t matter as Nikon DSLR does not have international warranty).

      Also, just check that it’s new, looks new and working (basically what every consumer usually checks) before you make payment :)

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