Hush Puppies Apparel Warehouse Sale

Hi Folks,

If you love Hush Puppies product like me, you are not going to miss this one. I just wonder if there are foot wears at the sale since it is a “Hush Puppies Apparel Warehouse Sale” rather then “Hush Puppies Warehouse Sale”.

Event Details

Event : Hush Puppies Apparel Warehouse Sale
Location: 17 Bukit Batok Street 22 S(659587)
Date : 28 Sept – 19 Oct 08
Time : 10.30AM – 7PM
Admission: Free

Happy Hunting!


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  1. dropped by yesterday hoping get a new pair of shoes. what was on sale were mostly clothing (men’s, women’s, as well as children’s clothes). some decent deals for shirts (S$9-15), pants (about S$25), socks and underwear (S$5-12 for sets of 5 or individually). unfortunately, no shoes on sale.

    there were some bedsheets, comforters, and pillows too but i wasn’t able to check the price tags.


  2. Hey raf,

    That’s why it’s called a Apparel Sale :)

    But since they are better known for their shoes, I guess everyone is kind of expecting some shoes to be on sale.

    Nice update of info, Thanks.

  3. haha! didn’t notice that. what i saw were the words ‘hush puppies’ and ‘sale’ and all i was thinking of were getting shoes to replace my old one! 😀

    • Hey Margaret,

      I’ve added you to our one a day mailing list and if there is any hushpuppies sales, it would be in there.

      You should receive a email for your verification, please click on the link to accept the invitation. If you do not like what you see, you can always unsubscribe :)

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