Sea Horse Memory Healthy Mattress Sale

Hi Folks,

Sea Horse is having a 50% + 40% sale off their Memory Healthy Mattress, Fabric Sofa, Pillows and Bedding Accessories.

Although 50% + 40% is not really 90% (it’s actually about 70%) but it’s still a pretty good discount.

Their Memory Neck Pillow is now only $19.50 instead of the usual $65.

Pretty good savings right?


Event Details

Event : Sea Horse Memory Healthy Mattress Promotion
Location: All Sea Horse Outlets
Date : Spotted On 9 Apr 2010. While Stocks Last

Happy Hunting!


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  1. I went to Jurong Point outlet on 5/12/2010 at 10.30am I wanted to buy the diamond pillow. The lady told me sold out and the Sunday time advertise in today(5/12/2010) paper. First customer already sold out?????.We told her is in today paper and she twisted and say stock not in. I travel all the way and parking involve this is what kind of service. I also previously bought matress from your outlet which was deliver to my house.
    Please clarify. I can be contacted at 97886811/90022280

    • Hey Kristen,

      We are not Sea Horse nor do we represent Sea Horse … the best channel is for you to leave your mobile directly with the store manager at the store. :)

  2. Honestly, I do not think Seahorse company service is good. I was informed by their honest and frank salesman that when we buy their products is like going to Casino. Buy at your own Risk. If during delivery, if there’s any leather scars, or slight scratches, strictly no refund nor exchange, no Warranty. Whatever that is paid is what you should be prepared to lose. If their products cannot be fitted in the lift, it’s customer’s liability and you’ve to pay $5 for each level they carry. Also, if the product cannot fit into your house door, it’s your own loss. THey do not refund. Best of Luck!

    • Hey Jane,

      Your experience with them so bad??!!

      When I bought my sofa last time, quite ok leh … they had to carry it up 2 floor because the lift does not stop at my level but no extra charges.

      Hmmm … ok, folks … one bad experience doesn’t mean all are bad … but you may need to ask the above questions when you buy from Sea House if it make you feel better 😀

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