Remember To Bring Your Earplugs To The F1 Race Tonight

Hi Folks,

Whether you are going down to view the F1 practice tonight or tomorrow or the actual race on Sunday. Do remember to bring along a pair of earplug (or you can actually buy it at the race, I heard).

You have already been remindered when you receive your tickets but just in case you weren’t paying attention to it or think it’s no big deal, I’ll show you how loud it can be.

First, turn your speaker to the max volume then play the video below (oh, remember to plug your ear first).

Loud enough? I can assure you that the actual sound is much much louder then that.

“The F1 cars can reach up to 130 decibels, that’s the same volume as a jumbo jet taking off, literally. We’ve made it very clear on the sales of the tickets that ear protection is a must, particularly for younger children.”

So while you enjoy the race, do take care of your ear. :)


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