China Milk Scare SMS – True Or False?

Hi Folks,

The following sms has been making it’s rounds via Singapore mobile phone network. It goes like this:

Pls help to sms to others – FYI, the following items hve been recalled due 2 china’s milk situation. This is real. M&M’s, snickers, mento’s yoghurt bottle, dove choc, oreo wafer sticks, monmilk, dutchlady sterilised milk, wall’s all natural mango, mini poppers ice cream, magnum ice cream, moo sandwich ice cream, mini cornetto n youcan ice cream. We’ve been asked by ava 2 remove them from our stores. If u hve any of these items in yr hse don’t eat them

While it is true that AVA has stop the import and sale of China made dairy products due to tainted milk situation in China, it does not mean that all china dairy products are tainted with melamine.

Based on AVA’s test and findings so far, only 3 products sold in Singapore are tainted with the chemical melamine.

�Yili Brand� Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection

�Dutch Lady� brand of strawberry flavoured milk (manufactured in China)

“White Rabbit Creamy Candy�

The rest of the China made milk or milk related products are recalled as a precautionary measure only.

As a precautionary measure, AVA is also suspending the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China with immediate effect. Retailers and importers have been instructed to recall these products and these products will be withheld from sale until they have cleared the necessary tests.

Fear Playing Tricks

So while the SMS may be factually true, our fear is playing havoc with our minds.

I’ve been hearing many different versions of “milk scare” from “All china made products are tainted” to “All dutch ladies milk are tainted” to “All China products are tainted”.

This post is here to clarify that only 3 products have been identified as tainted so far and the rest are unknown. IF you see a dutch ladies milk still in the supermarket, check if it’s made elsewhere.

I’ll update this post as more information comes by.


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  1. Hi hyperX,

    Maybe China should strengthen their laws governing food manufacturing standards. QC is usually done at company level. But I agree that China made products need to improve. Consumer confidence is really going downhill.

  2. Please be aware that AVA at this point in time (22 sept 2008) only found that three products (White rabbit candies, “Yili Brand” Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection” and “Dutch Lady” brand of strawberry flavoured milk.) are contaminated with the tainted milk. However a report by the “The Straits Times” ..quote “found on Saturday that a 7-Eleven outlet in Braddell had pulled a list of products from its shelves. The list included Snickers bars, M&Ms, Nabisco Chicken In A Biskit, Dove chocolate bars, Mentos yogurt balls, Oreo wafer sticks, and Want Want Take One Baby Bites.

    For consumers, reading labels seems advised: A check by The Straits Times last night found that the Snickers and Dove chocolates sold at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Toa Payoh were made in the United States, but those same chocolate brands sold at a neighbouring minimart were labelled ‘Product of China’.””

    So what does this mean?..The only products AVA has tested that seemed to have been contaminated by the tainted milk are the three products mentioned in the beginning of my reply. What about the other products?… well AVA has not tested on them yet so its not fair to judge something that might not be true. I understand that its better to be safe than sorry…. but as responsible consumers one should avoid what has been proven via data rather than “rumours” or scary sms from who knows where.

  3. Hi Sandy,

    Your reply provides another perspective to the current situation.

    I believe AVA is in the process of testing every dairy related product made in China but issued the recall based on the possibility (this is my guess)that the contamination might be at the raw ingredient level rather then at manufacturing.

    So while I still maintain the stance of “Innocent until proven Guilty”, I also feel that consumers should choose the path they are comfortable with.

    For some, it might be avoiding everything dairy related regardless of source. For some, they will still continue eating China made M&Ms they have at home. It’s their choice.

    And Thanks for commenting. It’s these varied sharing of views that makes blogging interesting. :)

  4. I would not forward such SMS’s, just like crappy email forwards, because of its lack of references.
    Would have been better if it named the particular 7-11 outlet that pulled the products.

  5. I look forward to the day where junk sms are the rare cases and informative sms with references are the norm but today is not the day.

    It’s great that you are refraining from forwarding the junk smses. Cheers to you. :)

  6. China should really wake up n smell the roses, if this keeps up, down goes their economy. From food to bl**dy bottles and tin cans!
    Crazy to be using all these chemicals they call ‘cost efficient’, they’r killing their people as well as the rest of the world! Sick!

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