McDonalds Monopoly Singapore Game Promotion

Hi Folks,

If you have visited any McDonalds today, you would noticed it’s latest joint promotion with Hasbro for a Monopoly game!!

UPDATE: Official Winners McDonalds Monopoly Game Prizes can be found here (All other claims are …. well, just claims!!).

UPDATE 2: Looks like 3 iPod Touch 32GB and 1 Courts Samsung 40″ LCD has been won so far.

UPDATE 3: McDonalds Monopoly Singapore 2010

MCDMonopolyThe McDonald Monopoly Singapore Game Board

All you have to do is buy a value meal to get 2 promotional labels which contains 2 game pieces (or upsize to get 4 promotional labels with 8 game pieces).

MCDGamePiecesGame Labels

Peel the label to reveal either an instant win prize or a monopoly property.

MCDGamePiecesRevealedPeel To Reveal Prizes – 1 instant and 7 game pieces

For instant win prizes, you can claim it as it is (no extra condition and most of them are McDonald food stuff).

For Monopoly property game pieces, you will need to collect a “Set” to claim the prizes. A set refers to a group in the Monopoly Singapore game, such as the brown set which includes Joo Chiat Road and Geylang Road which entitles you to claim the prize of a 32GB Touchscreen MP3 player worth $420 – it sounds and looks like a 32GB iPod Touch.

For major prizes (that require you to collect a set), there are:

  • 32GB Touchscreen MP3 Player
  • $200 Toys R Us Gift Vouchers
  • $400 Travel Vouchers
  • 2N Malacca/KL Cruise for 4 Persons on SuperStar Virgo worth $2360
  • Courts Prizes worth $3000 each (Samsung HD LCD TV or HP Premium Notebook)
  • 100,000 Esso Smiles Points worth up to $4000
  • 7D Hawaii FlyCruise for 4 Person on Pride Of America worth over $24,000
  • $50,000 Cash

Oh … and you will need the official Monopoly game board to stick the game pieces and claim your prize.

You can either get it from a McDonald outlet or visit to download a copy.

Promotional Details

Promotional Period: 22 Oct – 31 Dec 2009 (Or until they run out of promotional labels)

Good Luck!!



Extra Pieces:

  • Bishan (M115)
  • Robinson Road (M123)
  • Raffles Place (M124)
  • Rivervalley (M125)
  • Marina Bay (M131)

Looking For:

  • Shenton Way (M122)
  • Sentosa Cove (M132)
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  1. Looking for
    1) Joo Chiat Road
    2) Toa Payoh
    3) Thomson Road
    4) Tanjong Rhu
    5) Shenton Way ,
    6) Scotts Road
    7) Orchard Road
    8) Sentosa Cove

    Anyone with the above willing to sell please email me Shortage from any other pieces beside the above can email me too.

  2. who believe us already sticker together setosa cove and marina bay but leave the monoply at singpost paya lebar mcdonald fogotten to bring and win $50,000. haha

  3. trade only make sense :-
    1)if you are trying to make up for missing ‘common’ game pieces, or
    2)you have a ‘rare’ game piece but wants to sell and not claim the prize.

  4. Hey.. i had some pieces tt i am willing to give all/ sell or share. All i want is Toa Payoh.. I don’t mind sharing someone with Toa Payoh.

    I have
    Amber Road 2X
    Bayshore Road 2X
    Farrer Road 1X
    Ardmore Park 3X
    Newton Road 1X
    RAffles Place 1X
    Geyland Road 2X
    Robinson Road 3X
    Holland Road 2X
    Queenstown 5X
    Rivervalley 5X
    AMK 5X
    Bishan 2X
    Marina Bay 1X

    All i wan is to share or trade for toa payoh. Thanks..
    contact me at THANKS

    happy playing..

  5. I need:
    (1) Tanjong Rhu
    (2) Shenton Way
    (3) Scotts Road
    (4) Orchard Road
    (5) Sentosa Cove
    (6) Joo Chiat
    (7) Toa Payoh
    (8) Thomson Road

    I have all the rest. Willing to spilt prize & Willing to sell card too. Contact me at

  6. hello!!!wish to trade your game pieces label with me!!

    I have this extra game pieces label:

    3x marina bay
    2x robinson
    1x geylang
    4x bishan
    2x queenstown

    Looking for:

    Tanjong Rhu
    Shenton Way
    Scotts Road
    Orchard Road
    Sentosa Cove
    Joo Chiat
    Toa Payoh
    Thomson Road

    * I have an instant win of Starcruises 3rd and 4th pax free…expired on 28 feb 2010. if you are interested, i’ll be selling for half of the original ticket price. 😉 can email me at ….

  7. Willing to share the prize and will post out to those needed :)

    Needed :
    Joo Chiat Rd
    Orchard Rd
    Scotts Rd
    Sentosa Cove
    Shenton Way
    Toa Payoh
    Thomson R
    Tanjong Rhu

    Extra :
    Ang Mo Kio x 1
    Bayshore x 3
    Bishan x 2
    Farrer Rd x 1
    Geylang Rd x 2
    Hollad Rd x 2
    Marina Bay x 1
    Newton x 2
    Queentown x1

    email me at

  8. Who has Sentosa Cove???

    Split half the cash with me!

    I also have:
    – Geylang Road
    – River Valley
    – Ardmore Park
    – Robinson Road
    – Farrer Road
    – Ang Mo Kio

    Contact me @ if you want to trade or combine powers!!!


  9. I need:
    (1) Tanjong Rhu
    (2) Shenton Way
    (3) Scotts Road
    (4) Orchard Road
    (5) Sentosa Cove
    (6) Joo Chiat
    (7) Toa Payoh
    (8) Thomson Road

    I am willing to share the prize and will post out to those needed. Can email me at Thanks.

  10. Sorry about my previous comment. I forgot to mention I have all the others. I am only interested in Joo Chiat Road so I am willing to trade everything else for it.

  11. You all very funny leh. Who will trade their rare pieces with you? Those who have it confirm eat mcdonalds till they get the other common ones.

    Anyway. I feel that the $50,000 grand prize is so pathetic as compared to the money rolling into their pockets for so many $7 people have spent.

    Even if at the end only a million ate mcdonalds. Multiply by $7 = 7 million dollars earned. I say that it’s a very good strategy by mcdonalds.

  12. Just a quick check….how many have got instant prize besides the McD freebies like french fries or apple….so far have got $10 Toys R Us, $10 Courts….anyone else has anything different?

  13. I was looking for Sentosa Cove for about a week or so… And this morning, I got a surprise call from my friend that she had gotten the Sentosa Cove. Trying to claim my prize now… but I am still looking for Joo Chiat

  14. I have extra

    -QueensTown M116
    -Farrer Road M117
    -Bishan M115
    -Raffles place M124

    I need

    – M112 Joo Chiat ( everybody seems to be very interested in this)
    -M118 Thomson Road
    -M127 scotts road
    -M121 Tanjong Rhu

    Willing to buy or trade !
    Email me at

    Have a nice day !

  15. Actually I knew someone actually won the 7D Haiwaii FlyCruise ( only 1 )but Mc never update their website on the big prize winner. They just want everyone to go buy more. Sigh…Maybe all the good prizes had already been won.

  16. Please everyone, don’t get conned by Big M, the only guy laughing.

    According to Big M website, there are 8,670,000 (yes, read eight million six hundred seventy thousand) game labels and only:-

    50 pieces of Joo Chiat Road;
    100 pieces of Toa Payoh;
    20 pieces of Thomson Road;
    15 pieces of Tanjong Rhu;
    10 pieces of Shenton Way;
    15 pieces of Scotts Road;
    1 piece of Orchard Road;
    1 piece of Sentosa Cove;

    Save the money to buy 4D, which you stand a better chance.

    ; >

  17. For those who are looking for Orchard Road and Sentosa Cove to trade, there’s only ONE PIECE available ONLY and do you think they are so stupid enough to trade with you to let you win the BIG price ?

  18. Hi, I need the following for exchange:

    1. Scotts Rd
    2. Thomson Rd
    3. Tanjong Rhu
    4. Toa Payoh
    5. Sentosa Cove (need not exchange-can share-share prize..hee hee)

    I have the following to trade:

    1. Ang Mo Kio
    2. Bishan
    3. Bayshore Rd
    4. River Valley
    5. Queenstown

    Please email me @ to trade.
    Thanks! :)

  19. Haha, i need Joo Chiat, Toa Payoh, Thompson Road, Tanjong Rhu, Shenton Way, Scotts Road, Orchard Road, Sentosa Cove. The rest of the names not mentioned, i have plently of them.

    The more you eat and think that you will win, you get more similiar landmarks so if i give you. Later on you will still manage to get them, haiz but if you want let me know, i can spare them to you to exchange for just a McDonald Instant Win (Food only, eg.Apple Pie) even if you need a full of what i have.

    But ultimately, all i want is to win the Ipod Touch and the rest, you guys cab have it. Thanks.

  20. I have the followings;

    1) Raffles Place
    2) Marina Bay
    3) Bishan
    4) Ardmore Park
    5) Amber Road
    6) Newton Road
    7) Robinsion Road

    in exchange for
    1) Thomson Road
    2) Joo Chiat
    3) Sentosa Cove
    4) Tanjung Rhu
    5) Shenton Way
    6) Orchard Road

    please email me back at

  21. Does anyone have Sentosa Cove??? Willing to pay u $49.900 if u have it. (what kind of bully is this.. Of cos they won’t give it to u la..) sentosa cove worth for $50k my dear.. Hahaha..

  22. I have a Instant Win Starcruise FREE for 3rd and 4th pax. Booking period: 1 Nov 2009 – 31 Mar 2010, except during Christmas-New Year & Valentine).

    Trading it for $100 (negotiable) or for any one of the game pieces:
    -Joo Chiat
    -Toa Payoh
    -Thomson Road
    -Scotts Road

    Limited booking. Hurry!!!

    Email me at

  23. i need this 114,121,129,127,118,129,112.

    i have others extra but not the rare one i can give to anyone who wants it.Anyway if never use also no point keeping it let others who want it and bring smile to their face. Take care :)