Dine At Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts -Tea Buffet From S$28++

Hi Friends,

While shopping along Orchard Road, do you have a sudden craving for a tea buffet? I recommend you to dine at Carousel restaurant, located at luxury hotel Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Tea buffet starts from 3.30 p.m. and ends at 5.30 p.m. On weekdays, tea buffet is priced at S$28++. Whilst most hotels tea buffet serve mainly local food, Royal Plaza on Scotts buffet menu serves  Japanese, local, western cuisine. Thus, I rate it a value for money buffet.

Check out the buffet menu below:-

The Japanese Food Section Serves Fresh Sashimi, Cold Soba and Delicious Sushi




The Dessert Section Has My Favourite Nyona Cakes



Kids Favourite Section….


How About Having Some Healthy Sandwiches?




You Will Love the Local Dishes Like Nasi Lemak , Soto Ayam, Popiah & Rojak





Cold Salad



Don’t Forget To Try The Delicious Kepak


Lastly, don’t forget to bring your credit card. Citibank credit card members enjoy 15% discount for the tea buffet.

Hope you enjoy the buffet as much as I did!



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  1. The food there have great variety but

    1. The floor room between tables is “cram”, you cannot walk well when u bring food.
    2. Food topped at the start or opening of the buffet but never top up or replenish till u complained. yet it take more than 10 Min to top up.
    3. Chocolate fondue is the worst food ‘chain’, Kids took their fruit-stick and place the stick under the flow to draw the chocolate sauce.. worst, they re-used the stick after “wobble” or lick the sauce and place the stick (mixed with their saliva) under the flow or even dipped in the pool…
    4. Payment time is the worst, the credit card returned to me was another customer and that customer have got?

    U risk yr life with hygiene? or enjoy such food and services?

    worst ! many many Muslim family leave their kids run about the seat. The Ang Mo commented… guess your favourite Singapore service industry answer? “So sorry but we cannot do anything about that?” [FULL-STOP] then walk away.

    • why mention Muslim?just bcos the restaurant is a Halal restaurant, you assume they were Muslim kids….plslah, National Day just over….we r equal, regardless of race or religion :)

  2. Walau ehh ….. i agree with Haryati and Concern, i myself china muslim and i dont agree with uwontlikeit and i think chinise family is worst, they push and cut q to take food…

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