1-for-1 Buffet Dinner at Greenhouse -The Ritz-Carlton Millenia

Hi Friends

Another great promotion for DBS credit card members.

You can now enjoy 1-for -1 buffer dinner at Greenhouse, located at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia.



The Greenhouse is known for its fresh seafood selection. So if you are a seafood lover, check out this buffet promotion.




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  1. We eat there from time to time. Service has been decent, just not responsive enough for the name of Ritz. The table service mannerism has been consistantly good over the years.

    I have to say that the seafood and items in the buffet had consistantly tasted made form fresh ingredients. You won't make bad smell after their buffet. But in the last 2 years, the Chinese items have become more greasy, not in line with the name Green House. Also, we think Ritz needs to revemp its buffet mix. Replace those Indian items with something more delicate for international taste. If people want Indian, they would go to Shahi Maharani or equivalent class. There hardly any Indians dining there. Chinese, Japanese, Europeans or locals would not go to Ritz for Indian food in an international buffet spread! You can see that no body hardly touched those Indian cuisines, but still, they have been part of the buffet spead since donkey years. Who's job is it in Ritz to study buffet mix vs buffet dinners' profile and expectations?


  2. If the spread had included or change a few items to some capaccio, parma ham with rock melon or the like, greek rice and meat rapped in vine leaf or rolled chicken with apricot and pistachio, nice proper beef goulash of some well regarded origin, or even a hard-to-find beef in beer or wine stew. Make them all light and digestion friendly and healthier. Hey, we will be there twice a week and for the whole year, which we did in the late 90's. Hope Ritz sees this and study it.


  3. This is still on. However, do note that it is still for ladies only. “1-for-1 Buffet Dinner at S$68++ per pax every Wednesday (Valid till 29 June 2011).” Taken right off the DBS Indulge page. Reservations are required.

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