Food & Electronics Fiesta 2012

Hi Folks,

Food & Electronics Fiesta 2012 is back again at the Suntec Singapore to tempt you with their S$88 Electronic Goods Deal.

Yes … S$88 for S$42 Inch Samsung LCD, S$88 for Panasonic 42 Inch LCD, S$88 for LG 6.5kg Washer, S$88 for Samsung Vacuum Cleaner, S$88 for Asus Netbook, S$88 for Samsung DSLR, S$88 Acer Desktop PC, S$88 on Casio Digital Camera … Just S$88.

Of course, you can only choose 1 items and it’s on a first come, first served basis … so the key is can you be early enough to get one?

I never was and probably never will be because I never try … how about you?

Food & Electronics Fiesta 2012

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Deals From Food & Electronics Fiesta 2012

Food & Electronics Fiesta @ Suntec Singapore

Promotion : Food & Electronics Fiesta 2012
Location: Suntec Singapore Level 4, Hall 403 & 404
Date : 4 – 6 May 2012
Time : 11.00AM – 9.00PM
Admission Fee : Free
Sale Index : Total 8000 Top Brand Electronics Items Per Day, Selling at Just S$88.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Do they really sell it for $88 ? When I see the brochures the prices are different.. How many sets are they selling at $88? For the first few?

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