Timberland Warehouse Sale 2012

Hi Folks,

Just last week, someone asked me when will the next Timberland Warehouse Sale be? I didn’t know the answer then but now I know, Timberland Warehouse Sale 2012 starts NOW!!

More accurately, 25 mins ago (at the point of writing this post) at SAFRA Yishun Country Club (yeah, the same place every time).

I’m not sure of the discounts yet but I intend to find out myself … so this will be the only post today cos I’m going down to Timberland Warehouse Sale now :)

Timberland Warehouse Sale 2012

Pricing Updates On Timberland Warehouse Sale

Up to about 65% on Footwear and Up to 50% on Apparels.

  • Timberland Tees @ S$25 (UP: S$49)
  • Jeans/Pants @ 69
  • Sandels @ S$9.90 – S$29
  • Long Sleeve Shirts @ S$49
  • Mens Shoes @ S$89 – S$109 (UP: S$149 – S$299)
  • Ladies Shoes @ S$69 – S$99

Timberland Warehouse Sale @ SAFRA Yishun Country Club

Promotion : The Metro Expo Sale 2012
Location: SAFRA Yishun Country Club (Main Lobby), 60 Yishun Ave 4
Date : 27 Apr – 6 May 2012
Time : 11.00AM – 8.00PM
Admission Fee : Free.
Sale Index : Up to about 65% on Footwear and Up to 50% on Apparels.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. I bought a pair of shoes for my daughter and it started peeling in a month. I paid good money for it and it was not worth it at the end. Careful what you buy.

    • Hey Percy,

      Sorry to hear about your incident … it happens sometimes to brand new footwears too.

      That’s why I like to check thoroughly before I buy and I prefer to choose shoes with stitching instead of gluing :)

  2. Hi James!

    Just wondering whether you were able to visit the sale already? Price range? Yishun is a bit far from where i’m staying so i was hoping to get some feedback first before i go.

    • Hey CS,

      The size of the warehouse sale area is about the size of Timberland Outlet Shop at IMM.

      Selection is roughly equivalent to one season’s worth of footwear. :)

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