SITEX 2011 – Price List & Best Buys At SITEX 2011

Hi Folks,

Officially, it’s called SITEX … unofficially people call it the November IT Show or November IT Fair.

But whatever you call it, over 900,000 visitors went to SITEX last year and spend over S$52 Million dollars at the event … would you be joining those numbers this year and what would you be buying?

After writing and reporting on SITEX for 3 years (mostly sharing about pricelist, floorplans, star products, etc) … this year, I would like to change a little (Too many other have been doing the same and it’s getting a little stale).

This year, I’ll choose certain popular segments to share and pick out the Best Buys At SITEX 2011 for you …

SITEX 2011 Logo

The 6 segments I’ve chosen are:

  • Telco Promotions
  • Apple Promotions
  • Notebooks Promotions
  • Digital Camera, MILS & DSLR Promotions
  • Printer Promotions
  • Portable Storage Solutions

These segments are chosen because I have interest, knowledge and experience in them (as compared to other segments) and they have been popular with you from past indications.

You can expect that I’ll first share the price list as I get them (probably before and on day one of SITEX 2011) … so you can do your own analysis and decide what you want to buy.

Next, I’ll provide a short analysis and comparison for each segment on which are the Best Buys At SITEX 2011 … it’s not going to be comprehensive due to the lack of time but it will be to the point.

Do note that my analysis are my own opinions and perspective … you have to judge for yourself if the product suits your needs and requirements.

If you have a question … just shoot, I’ll answer if I can offer an answer :)

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Or you can come back as often as you want to check for updates :)

Telco Promotions – Price List & Best Buys

Apple Promotions – Price List & Best Buys

Notebooks & UltraBooks Promotions – Price List & Best Buys

Digital Camera, MILS & DSLR Promotions – Price List & Best Buys

Printer Promotions – Price List & Best Buys

Portable Storage Solutions – Price List & Best Buys

Just note that any devices especially Portable Storage are more expensive at SITEX 2011 as the Hard Drive prices have sky-rocketed as much as 150% since the Thailand Flooding started.

That’s because Thailand accounts for up to 45% of worldwide hard-drive production and floods have disrupted production and supply chain operations of key hard-drive makers Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba.

Headphones & Earphones – Price List & Best Buys

It’s hard to recommend a best buy for Headphone or Earphone because sound is very subjective and each earphone or headphone has their strength in certain genre of music.

So it’s best if you go try each of them personally at the show to see which one suits your personal taste … and don’t worry about the price, every make and brand are on discount at SITEX 2011.

Special Features

Buying Guides

Event Details

Event : SITEX 2011
Location: Singapore Expo Hall 4B, 5 & 6
Date : 24 – 27 Nov 2011
Time : 11.00AM – 9.00PM
Admission: Free

If you (PR Firm or Retailer or Merchant at SITEX 2011) have a SITEX Deal to share, just Contact Us and provide the link to your brochure or you can Submit Your SITEX Flyer Here

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Hi James,

    Our 10yrs old desktop out of sudden died, and we cannot decide whether to get a desktop or laptop. Actually we seldom use it, only meant for our kids(lower primary), they need it for their online school homework n watching some movies once in awhile. And need it for printing as well. I usually use my iPad for surfing. Shall we buy a desktop or laptop? Which brand will you recommend? Is it cheaper to get it at sitex or? Totally have no idea as we have never been to sitex before. Hope you can advise us. Thank you very much and have a great day!

    • Hey Serene,

      Wow … 10 yrs old desktop!! That must be an P4 based PC … if you are comfortable with using it that long … I’m sure any modern PC (even the lowest spec’d) would meet your needs.

      If you ask me … I’ll say get a notebook so if you kid needs to bring it to school for work/presentation … it can be done.

      There are good promotions at SITEX (or any other IT Shows) but I cannot say that it’ll always be cheaper than outside but you got to hunt for it outside while at SITEX … every brand and shop is there in one place.

      Without knowing your budget, it’s difficult for me to make a recommendation … so what’s your budget? :)

  2. Hi James,

    I am looking into purchasing either Canon PowerShot SX130 IS but now that they have the newer version, Canon PowerShot SX150 IS, I can’t seem to decide. also looking forward to see if there’s any good promotions going on for these two cameras at the sale. :)

    • Hey Mark Seet,

      The HP dv6-6170TX is a scaled backed version of the dv6-6171TX.

      Same processing power but without the graphics power, Beats Audio or Blu-ray … if you just need processing power and not heavily into gaming, blu-ray movies or need superior sound … it’s a very good buy for the price (SITEX pricing S$1099 with freebies somemore). :)

  3. Hi James,

    Im planning to get external harddrive and just notice by compating the brochure that you post between Sitex and Comex (2011) why there is a big different in price for my passport essential? of which the Sitex price is much more expensive. for expample, at Comex 1T My passport essetial is S$129.90 whereas in Sitex is S$199.


    • Hey Matthew,

      Blame it on the Thailand Flood … Thailand accounts for up to 45% of worldwide hard-drive production and floods have disrupted production and supply chain operations of key hard-drive makers such as Western Digital, Seagate and Toshiba.

      So it’s not surprising that portable HDD are more expensive now then in Sept COMEX :)

  4. Hi, I’m thinking of getting either Xbox 360 kinect or Nintendo Wii. But I can’t decide which one to get…? My budget is ard $600. I see that for Wii, I might need extra controllers if multiple players are involved. It also have more games and price is cheaper than Kinect. The graphic though is not as good as Kinect. Ermmm…okay, I still can’t decide. Help?

    • Hey Hazelin,

      For games, don’t go after the tech … Go after the games. Check out the games from both the XBox Kinect and Wii … Whichever has more games that suits your taste … That’s the platform you should get :)

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