Highlights From N.E.mation! 6 Top 10 Result Announcement

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Today I bring you the Highlights From N.E.mation! 6 Top 10 Result Announcement plus actions from the Top 20 Super Pitch Day!

That happened last Saturday, 10 Sept 2011.

It was N.E.mation! 6 Top 20 Super Pitch Day in the morning … till about 3PM in the afternoon.

Top 20 Super Pitch

Each of the Top 20 Teams took turns to present and basically did their best to convince the Judges (those jolly good fellows pictured below) why they should be one of the final Top 10 Teams.

N.E.mation! 6 Judges

N.E.mation! 6 Judges - 5 In All (One Blocked In This Picture)

All the teams were given presentation and pitching training during the early stages of the competition and from what I saw (of only 6 out of the 20 teams), they did a pretty decent job.

If you were to consider the fact that it was only their third attempt at doing presentation, I would say their performance was pretty good.

Standard Presentation Setup

Standard Presentation Setup - By A Team From School Of The Arts

Their standard presentation involves using a story board to explain their story/idea.

N.E.mation! 6 Story Board

Telling A Story Frame By Frame Using A Story Board

To differentiate themselves from the other teams, some teams use dialogue, oversize props or present their idea using a poem.

Oversize Story Board

When Standard Size Is Too Small ... Impress With Oversize Story Board

Concept Art Of Characters In Their Animation

Concept Art Of Characters In Their Animation

iPad As A Presentation Tool

An iPad Was Also Called Upon To Explain Their Idea

Some Teams went one step further and acted out their story or rap to the music of their story … check out their action below (Featuring Team iSmacked & Asian Keedz) …

Following the presentation, the teams had to answer the Judges questions and clarifications about their idea.

The most often asked question revolves around the main message they wanted to deliver and if it was the consistent message in their delivery.

Of course, it’s not all questions and no tips at all … Judges were liberal in giving tips and helpful suggestions to help the teams make their story better … which would be useful IF they make it into the Final Top 10 Teams.

Ambassadors Note : I am impressed with what I’ve seen during the Top 20 Super Pitch Day, the teams that I saw came prepared and was determined to impress the judges … of course, some were nervous and there were hiccups but overall they did what they needed to do … that’s to deliver their message and answer the judges questions confidently. More importantly, the team were receptive to suggestions that were being offered by the judges to help them improve. Kudos to all your presentations.

Top 10 Result Announcements

After all the pitching and presentations were done, the teams gathered at a Lecture Theater to wait while the Judges deliberate and finalize the results.

We took the chance to interview some teams about their experience during the N.E.mation! 6 journey and what they think their chances are … check out what they have to say in the video clip below (Featuring Team Jelvetica & a Team from Jurong Secondary):

All the participants were also treated to a show (an animation of course, what else do you think a group of animators will watch) to pass time and keep those nervous energy in check.

But when the lights came up and the judges showed up … all those nervous energy came up to the surface again …

Nervous Moment Before The Result Announcement

Nervous Moment Before The Result Announcement

So who is going to get a place in the coveted Top 10 Teams?

Here are some pictures of the Top 10 teams (yes every picture here is of a winning team) waiting agonizingly for the result announcement and their immediate reaction when their name was called …

Before Announcement - Kent Ridge Secondary

Before Announcement - Team REVEILLE From Kent Ridge Secondary

After Announcement - Kent Ridge Secondary

After Announcement - Team REVEILLE "Applause All Around"

Before Announcement - Dunman High

Before Announcement - Team EATYOUUP From Dunman High

After Announcement - Dunman High

After Announcement - Team EATYOUUP "Oh My GOD!!!"

3 Teams On Waiting Anxiously

3 Teams On Waiting Anxiously - SST, Dunman High & An Instruction Standing In For Commonwealth Secondary

Another Team From Dunman High Is Through ... So Is Commonwealth Secondary

Team Hungry Monsters From Dunman High Is Through ... So Is FERD From Commonwealth Secondary

School Of Science And Technology Also Enters The Final Top 10

Team Dreamation From School Of Science And Technology Also Enters The Final Top 10

Before Announcement - St Margaret's Secondary

Before Announcement - Team Jelvetica From St Margaret's Secondary "What An Agony"

After Announcement - St. Margaret's Secondary - Laughing Out Loud

After Announcement - Team Jelvetica "Laughing Out Loud"

Before Announcement - Evergreen Secondary

Before Announcement - Team iSmacked From Evergreen Secondary "Maintaining The Smiley Face"

After Announcement - Evergreen Secondary - We Made It

After Announcement - Team iSmacked "We Made It"

Before Announcement - CHIJ St. Joseph Convent - Can You Feel The Pressure?

Before Announcement - Team Asian Keedz From CHIJ St. Joseph Convent "Can You Feel The Pressure?"

After Announcement - CHIJ St. Joseph Convent - Celebrating In A Circle Of Joy

After Announcement - Team Asian Keedz "Celebrating In A Circle Of Joy"

I have saved the best for last … 2 video highlights when they announced the first and last team that got through to the final Top 10 (Featuring Team S.S.S.A & Team Viva).

Ambassadors Note : Like all competitions, there are winners and there are those who have yet to win. I like the message the judges wanted the participants to know … the top 20 teams represent the top 2% of all the participants at N.E.mation! 6 … even if they can’t continue into the final Top 10 … they are still very very good. Kudos to the Judges for delivering such a positive note.

N.E.mation! 6 Top 10 Teams

Congratulations to the 10 teams that made it to the finals … they will be proceeding into the production phase where they will have 3 weeks to turn their story into a 1 minute animation in November/December later this year.

It’s not an easy task and they will need full commitment day and night for 3 weeks to get it done right.

But from what I have seen so far, I believe all of them have what it takes to get the production done in that 3 weeks.

N.E.mation! 6 Top 10 Teams

N.E.mation! 6 Top 10 Teams Group Photo

I hoped that you have enjoyed my coverage so far.

Remember that there is a side contest going on to select the Top 3 N.E.mation Ambassadors to cover the production phase for the Top 10 Teams … If you like my coverage of N.E.mation! 6 so far, I’ll appreciate if you can support me by voting for me (How can you vote? Check Here)

James Soh (N.E.mation Ambassador)

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