Singapore Sales And Promotions For Mar – Apr 2011

Hi Folks,

We did pretty ok for our last Sales And Promotions Prediction for Jan – Feb … overall, there was about 80% accuracy for identifying a sale/promotion and about 60% accuracy for getting the timing (the exact week) right.

The difference in Chinese New Year Date did play a part in messing up the prediction but that was to be expected … Hopefully we do better with our Singapore Sales And Promotions For Mar – Apr 2011.

So here it is … and again, if you have any info (especially inside news) on a impending sale … do let us know.

Disclaimer: Sales and Events with links are confirmed events that have been advertised and all the rest predictions based mostly on past trends. Using the information here means that you accept that it’s just an estimation and are using it at your own risk and will not hold us here at liable for any wasted time/trip/money as a result of using such information.

Singapore Sale And Promotions For Mar - Apr 2011 Image

Featured & Interesting Stuffs

Dining Deals

Previous Sale From Feb 2011

Week 9 (28 Feb – 6 Mar 2011)

Week 10 (7 – 13 Mar 2011)

Week 11 (14 – 20 Mar 2011)

Week 12 (21 – 27 Mar 2011)

Week 13 (28 Mar – 3 Apr 2011)

Week 14 (3 – 10 Apr 2011)

Week 15 (11 – 17 Apr 2011)

Week 16 (18 – 24 Apr 2011)

Week 17 (25 Apr – 1 May 2011)

Have A Great Time Shopping!


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    • Hey Hana,

      That John Little Sale has only a probability of less than 50% and no … it’s not at the expo (those at the expo is call John Little Expo Sale) :)

  1. I suggest and hope Charles and Keith warehouse sale should be on 24, 25 , 26 of the month as salary is out. Hoping for a positive response . Thank you.

        • Hey Joyce,

          I’ll update the dates here but I can’t email individually (too many requests to comply and keep track of).

          So I’ve added you to our newsletter (once a day, containing a summary of the sales posted that day) … if that’s fine with you … just confirm the verification mail sent to your email address (if not … just ignore it) :)

  2. I have to say, publishing and updating your deals within 1 blog post is such a bad idea. I follow this blog using RSS, and the new deals don’t “bubble up” to the surface cos’ they are updated in an old blog post.

    You should seriously reconsider and re-post all new posts as a new post, not an update to 1 blog post.

    • Hey Timyeo,

      Actually most of our updates to this post is a seperate post by itself and should show up on your RSS reader unless you happen to only follow this post. 😀

      This post is updated for the convenience of many readers who are looking to sale/promotions forecast and checking what’s been updated since … however, there are times where a seperate post is not justified and updating the old post still makes the most sense :)


    • Hey MKD,

      We don’t deal much with moving so I’m afraid there is little I can help there.

      But once you are here, we can help you save on living expenses with our info on great shopping deals 😛

  3. Hi there..

    Do u know when normally the Charles n Keith Warehouse sale is? Worry that i might missed it out this year, is it over yet??

    Btw, enjoyed your website lots lots.. ^^ keep it up pls..

  4. hi james,

    my friend is looking for a man-backpack.

    Something leathery (or classy fabric), zippers as accent, more squarish than curved edges, slick and dandy, but casual enough as it is a backpack (and not a sling bag). and finally, big enough to accommodate my 17-inch macbook bro, with a sleeve at the back so i can insert onto the trolley handle of my 4-wheel handcarry suitcase.

    any idea where we can find one? :)


    • Hey Coley,

      You can check out Tumi range of products … designed for men and should meet your friends requirements … but be warned … it’s not cheap 😛

      IF I based the dimensions of the latest 17″ Macbook Pro … Tumi recommends 2 products … Tumi Voyageur (USD 265) and Tumi T-Tech Data (USD 225).

  5. Hi James!

    Wondering if you know when the next Zara or FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale will be coming along. Would love to be on your mailing list. Fantastic effort!

  6. hi james!

    do you know when the wingtai bazaar sale will start? i have been saving up my money for your update on their sales :D:D:D hope to see your reply THANKS AND YOUR SITE IS AWESUME! 😀

    • Hey Nicky,

      Thank You 😀

      We are also eagerly waiting for the WingTai Bazaar Sale … can’t say exactly when it will be but we’ll update when we have info on it :)

  7. club 21 may day promo has started 2day. 10% off for 2items, 15%off for 3 or more item if i rmb correctly?
    Anyway, will waitin for c21 uob promo gss b better?

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