Singtel Apple Macbook Pro Promotion At SITEX 2010

Hi Folks,

If you are wondering if Singtel will extend the Apple Macbook Pro Promotion from C3 2010 to SITEX 2010 … you don’t have to guess anymore.

I just saw Singtel update their website and confirmed that Singtel Apple Macbook Pro Promotion will be available at At during SITEX 2010.

But do note … it’s only till 26 Nov 2010 … so you’ve got between now and this Friday to sign up for it!

Singtel Apple Macbook Pro Red Hot Deal At C3 2010 Ad Image

Apple Macbook Pro Red Hot Deal With Singtel Broadband Plan

The deal is the same as last weekend at C3 2010 … but if you need the numbers again … here it is:

For the 15Mbps bundle, the extra you will pay is only ($105-$47.9)*24 = $1370.4 extra over 24 months.

The monthly payment actually went up by $12 compared to the offerings in Sept COMEX 2010 but that was for an Apple Macbook White Promo … this time round, it’s a Apple Macbook Pro.

And for an additional $5/month topup, you can upgrade the mobile broadband bundle to 3.6Mbps from 1.5Mbps or an additional $15/month topup for 7.2Mbps mobile broadband plan.

But is this worth it?

The Macbook Pro on offer is retailing at Apple Online Store for S$1788, so the subsidy is actually – S$1788 – $1370.4 which turns out to be S$417.6 (down from the S$600+ subsidy usually given with the 15Mbps plans).

At first glance, the subsidy seems to have dropped (as compared with the deals during COMEX 2010) from S$693.6 down to S$417.6.

But on closer inspection … you will notice that the basic 15Mbps broadband plan without freebies has reduced monthly subscription compared to 3 months ago (S$59.9 during COMEX 2010 and now it’s S$47.9).

So you could say what seems to be a drop in subsidy is now reflected as direct savings given through reduced 15Mbps broadband plan pricing.

So this Singtel Apple Macbook Pro Promotion at during SITEX 2010 is still as good as the past deals :)

NOTE: Singtel does not have a booth at SITEX venue, sign up for the promotion via their website or any Singtel Shop.

Promotion Details

Promotion : Singtel Apple Macbook Pro Promotion At During SITEX 2010
Promotion Period : Valid till 26 Nov 2010


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  1. Hi James,

    Sorry to ask such a simply question.

    Actually i am not very clear about the calculation which you written in your article.

    The monthly fee is $105, am i right or?
    What do you mean with ($105-$47.9)*24 = $1370.4

    Acually i m wondering to sign up only the broadband service or with MIO home plan…
    also choosing between Starhub & Singtel…

    Any good advise?


    • Hey Lee,

      Yes, the monthly fee is S$105 … the calculation is for people who are interested to know how much they are actually paying for the Apple Macbook Pro in the bundle (nothing is actually free, you do pay a part of the cost). In this case, you are actually paying S$1370.4 for the MacBook Pro instead of the full S$1788. :)

      If you don’t need MIO TV or do not want digital home phone line … just go for the basic broadband package. You do save as a package but the absolute sum you pay is MORE.

      Singtel Broadband seems slower (based on the advertised speed) but you get consistent speed. Starhub cable broadband seems faster but the bandwidth is shared among other Starhub users, so depending on the usage level, the speed fluctuates.

      For the average user who just surf the web and do emailing … it won’t make much of a difference … so just choose whichever you feel is a better deal :)

        • Hey Ara,

          The $47.9 is the monthly subscription fee that you will pay for the fixed and mobile package without the MacBook Pro (still with 2 year contract).

          So whatever you pay beyond $47.9 is in fact a topup to get the MacBook Pro :)

    • Hey Karl,

      Yes you are right … I couldn’t find Singtel booth too.

      To all of you reading this, please sign up at Singtel’s website or any Singtel shop if you are interested.

      Sorry for the confusion :(

  2. Hi.. you forgot to mention about the phone line rent and the connection fee. It makes it expensive. I wish i’ll just pay what you’ve written but I was wrong.

    • Hey Demosthenes,

      Yes, there might be incidental cost such as home phone line rental if you do not already have a Singtel home phone line … but my calculations are strictly limited to whether the promotion is worth it or not. :)

      I wouldn’t know what sort of incidental cost you may incur as it’s a variable too broad for me to cover completely (such as the cost of installing fibre in a landed property, extending/relocating a cable tv point if your room does not have one installed or an adsl line conflicts with a security system you installed at home, etc … you get the idea).

      So while we share good deals, owners should still do their own due diligence and check with salesperson about extra or additional cost that they may incur … hope this helps 😀

    • Hey KC,

      Singtel’s usual practice is subscriber will have to wait for the collection letter after the service is activated … then you will have to follow the collection letters instruction to redeem your MacBook Pro. :)

      • Thanks for the reply James, when you say “after the service is activated” you mean when the Broadband is already installed right? Shouldn’t it be that I get the MBP first so that when they install the broadband, I can have a laptop to test the installation. =)

        Thanks again!

  3. Hi.

    I went yesterday to the Singtel shop in Jurong Point Mall but was told that this promotion has ended. Any clarifications on that? Or at least can you tell me which Singtel store should I need to go to to sign up for this. Thanks.

    • Hey PMBR,

      That’s strange … you might want to sign up via Singnet website (google singnet) … I just checked and it’s still on.

      This being a Singtel promotion, they would have the final say as to when it ends and where it will be available and I cannot say exactly where it will certainly be available. :)

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