The Great Nikon Sale 2010

Hi Folks,

Nikon has launch it’s Great Singapore Sale 2010 promotion.

There is DSLR promotions on Nikon D3000, D5000 & D90 – Free gifts are pretty standard but the purchase with purchase offer is pretty good :)

Nikon DSLR Offers

Nikon D3000 Kit with 18-55 f/3.5-5.6G VR – $888

Nikon D5000 Kit with 18-55 f/3.5-5.6G VR – $1199

Nikon D90 Kit 1 with 18-105 f/3.5-5.6G VR – $1688

Nikon D90 Kit 2 with 18-200 f/3.5-5.6G VRII – $2688

DSLR Free Gifts – Tripod, 8GB SD Card, LCD Pad, Cleaning Kit, Nikon Camera Bag and Extra Battery (D3000 & D5000 Kit only).

Purchase with Purchase (Redeemable at Nikon Office)

  1. Get MB-D80 & Extra Battery at only $228 (for D90 only)
  2. Get Pro Kata Bag & Manfrotto Monopod at only $88 (eligible for D3000, D5000 & D90)

For tips on where I get my camera stuffs for the lowest price, check here.

Promotion Details

Promotion : The Great Nikon Sale 2010
Location: All Authorised Agents.
Date : 27 May – 30 Jun 2010

Download The Great Nikon Sale Brochure here.

Happy Hunting!


More On The Great Singapore Sale 2010:

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  1. hai james i want to buy a new dslr camera, any suggestion for me as a beginner? i really confius what type should i buy? is it nikon or canon is the best? thank you

    • Hey Sandra,

      Both Nikon and Canon have very good DSLR systems.

      I prefer Nikon in terms of handling and since my brother-in-law is also using Nikon, we can share bodies and lens. The down side of Nikon is that it tends to be more expansive then it's Canon equivalent.

      So my question for you is, what's your budget and do you have friends who are already on any DSLR systems :)

      If you have no preference, Nikon D3000 is a good place to start for beginners – it's not the most capable entry level DSLR and also not the cheapest but it has a built-in guide mode that is able to hand hold DSLR beginners which I feel is important :)

  2. my budget is about $1500 or less is preferably. how about canon eos 550d comparing with nikon d 300? i don't have any friend in dslr, actually my niece loves photography, so i want to buy this dslr for her as a present. she use to borrow her friends dslr, so she knows little about how to use dslr but still not good yet. please give me your opinion, thanks

    • Hey Sandra,

      OK, that's easy … since it's meant to be a gift to your niece, you really need to ask her opinion … photographers usually have preference and it's best to buy what she likes (within budget, of course).

      Canon 550D is pretty new and from the spec's, a very capable crop sensor DSLR … it outclass the D3000.

      It's actually somewhere between a D90 and a D300s in terms of performance (my guess). 😀

  3. How much do the free gifts cost?
    DSLR Free Gifts – Tripod, 8GB SD Card, LCD Pad, Cleaning Kit, Nikon Camera Bag and Extra Battery (D3000 & D5000 Kit only).

  4. I was told that the biggest sale for DSLR cameras will be on July. If it is indeed true, how much will a D5000 kit cost me by that time. I have to know ASAP so that if d5000 will be priced around the same by that time, I could buy my d5000 here in the Philppines by June. Thanks.

    • Hey Marie,

      Seriously, I wouldn't know what price the D5000 will be by July (here in SG).

      The latest promotion by Nikon here during GSS is 1199 for D5000 kit (available at major departmental store) … street price is around $1160 (cash term, if you hunt around at camera specialty shops).

      I would say that's as good as it get (you can bargain a little) until Nikon drops the price again :)

  5. Hi James, in your opinion, are the gifts at sept comex for nikon d90 worth the price difference compared to camera shops? It would be my first DSLR though my old nikon SLR has been kept aside u used for few years liao. Want to restart, which means would need most of the freebies. Pls advise as I’m thinking of going suntec if worth it. I last checked d90 with kit lens was 1499.

  6. Hi james!
    I would like to purchase a DSLR but i don’t know which to get and i’m a beginner too. I’m between Canon and Sony but i don’t know which to get.
    I’m a student as well and my budget is from $700-$900
    Do you have any nice promotions to recommend?

    • Hey Michelle,

      Both Sony and Canon have good entry level DSLR …

      The Sony DSLR-A290L with SAL1855 SAM Lens is now on promotion for S$699 + free gifts and workshop.

      The Canon EOS 1000D Kit (EF S18-55) is also on promotion for S$799 + free gifts.

      The choice is up to you … you may need to consider the following:

      1) If any of your friends are Sony or Canon user, you may want to get the same system so you can share your lenses – you will grow out of your kit lens.

      2) Which system has better placement of buttons and dials that is more comfortable to you.

      That hopefully would help you select your choice between Sony and Canon. :)

  7. Hi James !

    I was quite struggling whether to choose Nikon or Canon. My brand perception points out Canon but my brother says he’s got extra lens for Nikon and he suggests Nikon better. So, I don’t really mind going for Nikon so Imma buying Nikon. My budget is wihtin the range of 1,000 to 1,200 so, can you give me any suggestion for the models ? =)

    Thanks so much JAMESs 😀

    • Hey Bambi,

      Both Canon and Nikon system has their pros and cons … which should you choose is really a personal choice 😀

      But since your brother is already on Nikon, it make more sense to go Nikon so you can share lenses with him.

      If your budget is S$1000 – S$1200 (I assume it’s Sing Dollar) … I would say go for the Nikon D5000 kit … if your budget can stretch a bit to S$1300, then get Nikon D90 body (which will allow you to utilise older AF-D lenses). 😀

      • hi James,

        Could you please explore little more why D90 is better please?

        I was looking for D7000, its new launch. Am really confused, could not able to find difference between D7000/D90/D5000 – all are having same sensor size.

        Please guide me for this. And ignore HDTV Movie feature in new DLSRs while giving comments please.

        • Hey Pawan,

          The D90 is better (in my opinion) than the D5000 because it is able to utilise older AF-D lenses in AF mode – The D5000 lacking a built-in motor in it’s body cannot autofocus with these older lenses.

          The D90 and D5000 is actually pretty similar except that D5000 lacks the built-in motor but can swivel it’s LCD screen and has scene modes. Both are 12MP DX Sensors, 11 point AF, ISO range up to 6400 and an EXPEED image processing engine.

          While the new D7000 uses a new16.3MP DX Sensor, a new 39 point AF, ISO range up to 25600 and an EXPEED 2 image processing engine and many more improvements.

          So if you have the budget, you should consider the new Nikon D7000 😀

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